Lynn Singer, Paralegal/Office Manager

Lynn first worked for David Leinsdorf from 1983 to 1986 and has recently returned after a 27 year hiatus. Lynn has worked in private practice, as Division Clerk to Chief Judge J. Steven Patrick, as the assistant to U.S. Magistrate Gudrun Rice (retired) and also as an administrative assistant in the Mesa County Attorney’s Office until her recent relocation back to Gunnison County.

Janie Kelley, Paralegal

Janie Kelley has enjoyed the legal field since 1974 when she became a receptionist/legal secretary for a small law office. Her background includes real estate, business and corporate areas, as well as office procedures. Janie and David have put up with each other since May, 2012.

The experience and focus of Lynn and Janie help to implement our mission of serving our clients’ legal needs quickly, efficiently and with scrupulous attention to detail.